Dopey Challenge 2015

Last year this time, I decided to challenge myself to the Goofy Challenge at Disneyworld. This year, I signed up for the Dopey Challenge.

So far, it has already proven to be a challenge. Getting here was an adventure: waking up @ 3AM pacific time to catch a flight for 6AM. Leaving my abode was dark, rainy and gloomy. Despite my lack of rest, there was excitement looming in the air. I am going to conquer a whole new “challenge”.

Travelling is no fun, as any seasoned travelers will tell you; and even worse is to fly east from west. A whole day is wasted basically – from flight time and the time change!

We arrived just in time to catch the beautiful sunset, only to see it fade away as we sat in the parking lot waiting for our rental car. First thing I learnt this trip – patience – as the wait lasted over an hour and a half!!

The dinner part was quite ok, for I decided on fast food. So much for well-balanced nutrition.

Went to bed early to adjust to east coast time. Not so easy!

Had a decent but disruptive sleep, no complaints…but only to hear the maids were up cleaning the room across already.

I woke up and went for a “mini mini run”, one that did nothing for me aerobically.

Who knows if I am doing things right here??

Looked at the clock, and figured I better get to the expo before all the other runners show up. As soon as we parked, it looked like a race day already. We were at the very back of the lot. We had to have walked a mile to get to the expo, and the instructions were so confusing. I blamed it on my lack of exercise and overwhelmed state of mind.

They changed the wrist band rules so no one can cheat! I am a true supporter of that! We all had to have our photo taken for the Dopey Challenge in order to match against your finish!

Fine, but the instructions were turn left, stay right, go upstairs, clockwise direction…quite comical!

And the official merchandise – despite getting 6 shirts(w/ registration) people snapped up anything they could get their hands on.

Mad rush! I am hoping that tomorrow – the official first day of my Walt Disneyworld Weekend – will be more tame.

Set up the alarm for 4am – will be waking up while all my west-coast friends are still in bed!

Wish me good luck, as there is a wind-chill advisory tomorrow morning.

The story continues…


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