Lake Samammish Half Marathon

Hello, here I am with another summary. This time it’s about my 60th half marathon. I was filled with major excitement running this race – after all, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be this fanatical about ramping up so many half marathons.

The race was a point to point course. It started at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington and finished in Issaquah. It was a staggered start with several self-seeded corrals. It was a much bigger race from the last few I had run in – sometimes I prefer that much more because it’s a lot more fun having people around!

Our race started right on time. I was following one of the pace leaders who was obviously way too fast for me, because I lost him after one km or so, ha! We ran on paved roads for a bit, and soon after a couple of miles, we were on this beautiful lake Samammish trail. Basically, we were running near the lakefront, with these gorgeous, big, beautiful homes on both sides of the trail. That must be a favorite area for all these dot-com millionaires. The homes were huge, had private dockyards for their boats…I imagine these families live quite the luxurious lifestyle. The transformation Seattle has gone through since the incorporation of Microsoft has been quite far-reaching.

With about 5km to go, we exited the trail and reached the town of Issaquah. I had run a couple of races there in the past as well. From this point on, there was a lot of up one way, down one way, and around and around until you arrived at the finish. This time, the finish was not that emotional for me – I didn’t know why. But…racing is always like that for me. The feeling didn’t sink in until way after.

Back to the finish, we faced this beautiful, serene lake, with breathtaking mountain views, and a little beach where a few parents brought their little ones to play. There was lots of food, very generous amount of fruits and nutella sandwiches.

Sometimes I think to myself, there are so many nice races, and yet so little time to do them all. But I consider myself fortunate that I have run in so many different half marathons already; and each one is unique in their own way. The Pacific Northwest is definitely a runner’s haven. We are so very blessed with the natural beauty it has to offer, which makes running that much more enjoyable. And…the State of Washington being the home of Half Fanatics & Marathon Maniacs makes it even more special!

60 half marathons and counting…I have another blog post in the works which recaps my 61st half, which I ran this past weekend, a St.Paddy’s half.

Lake Samammish Half Marathon Medal

Lake Samammish Half Marathon Medal

Hope whoever’s out there reading my blog remembers one thing…that life is good! Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams: believe in yourself, and do whatever it takes to chase those dreams!!!


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