My 62nd Half Marathon Recap – Mercer Island Rotary Run

On a cloudy Sunday morning last weekend, I ran my 62nd half in Mercer Island, Washington which is just outside of Seattle. This race was for a very good cause. On the back of the race shirts, it said “Leave your footprint” – to fighting cancer.

It was a lovely race. A race where the whole community came together. From the eager volunteers to the race organizers, there was a sense of pride! I am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful event, along with some 3000 other runners.

The race started at 9 am. Due to the size of the race, we had to park approximately half a mile away. Kind of reminded me of the Dopey weekend in Disneyworld where everyone was anxiously looking for the closest parking spot. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the short walk to the start line as it was such a refreshing morning. By walking, you get a good sense of the neighbourhood and the community. Seattle, being home to Starbucks (the “Starbucks Capital of the World”), obviously doesn’t lack any coffee shops. However, during the half mile walk to the start, we actually passed by many locally owned and operated neighbourhood style coffee shops. The aroma of that early morning coffee brew smelled so good!!!

Once I arrived at the start, I noticed that the leading car for the race was a brand new M4 BMW convertible. We peeked in…what a nice car, but not for the price tag!!!

With less than 5 minutes until the 9 am start, runners were called to line up according to their race pace. All the runners were very obedient.

The race began with a short downhill and then transitioned to rolling hills with many S shaped turns. The road was on quite a slant, and I found running on that a little uncomfortable. The homes along there were beautiful and grand. Very nicely designed and some extremely architectural! Police were friendly and there were lots of little kids out along the course. There was a kid setting up a lemonade stand with her dad’s supervision, selling lemonade in support of some charity for a hospice. What an amazing little girl! So young with such a caring nature already – that captured my heart!!!

And then there was a young fellow playing his drum, I thought that was very uplifting especially as we were approaching the hilly part of the course.

There were lots of friendly runners and volunteers…That’s what a good race is all about, isn’t it?

I really love this course, and would love to come back to run this, despite the last .2 to.3 mile being quite an uphill finish.

I have left my footprints on the trail…to help find a cure for cancer. I kindly urge every individual to do their part in supporting their local cancer institutes/medical research. I hope we can all do our part to put a stop to this unbeatable disease!

Mercer Island Rotary Run - Starting Line

Mercer Island Rotary Run – Starting Line

Running along the course!

Running along the course!


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