Birch Bay 15k Recap

Yesterday morning I woke up and decided to run the Birch Bay 15km race in Washington. Very spontaneous, I must admit. But I had a good race.

This race should really be promoted as a Canadian race as much as an American race. I believe more than half of the participating runners were Canadians.

A lot of runners from running clubs were using this race as a time predictor for their upcoming marathons, so many chose to run the 30k.  There was also a 5k race as well as the 15k race that I did.

I chose to do the 15k more as a tempo run. Over the last couple of months, I had completed enough longer distance races, so a 15k was ideal for me.

We were lucky to have good weather Saturday morning. A little windy, but overall, not bad at all. This was my 5th Birch Bay race in total. Because of the proximity to home, I enjoyed it a lot. No long travel required, and I get to hop into the car and drive for only about an hour or so, and then I’m there.

For the race, we got a red race shirt with the words “Run Fierce” on it, a running cap with a little zipper to store your i.d./ credit card, and a finisher medal. A good value for what I paid.

Many runners I know were there on Saturday’s race. I even recognized a few runners from last week’s half marathon. There were also a few friends of mine who ran the 30k.

The route was rather gentle compared to what I had run the last few weeks. No killer hills, except we did encounter some head wind. Actually, once the sun peeked out, it got warm. Nice not to have to worry about the rain!

I ran this exact same race 2 years ago. When I compared my times, I didn’t do too bad! Slower by several minutes, but was very acceptable.

This was my 152nd race to date…overall, I was very happy with the race, and the results!

I think this strategy would not work for a marathon (to sign up last minute and run the day of), but I think for a shorter distance like this one, it won’t be my last time!

This has been my 12th race this season…more races to come!


Race Medal

Race Medal


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