Everett Half

Yesterday morning, I raced the Everett Half Marathon, formerly called the Heroes Half. So glad it wasn’t raining, unlike the day before when the rain was coming down like crazy. It actually turned out to be a beautiful morning; very pleasant weather. I would call it the “ideal racing weather”.

Funny thing though is sometimes the more you race, the more forgetful you become: I forgot to pack my compression sleeves, which I normally wear when I race. Secondly, I packed a pair of running shorts that were too loose on me. I spent the first mile pulling my shorts up every minute! Then I decided to roll them up, which seemed to work for a while, but still not the best. Then finally I tucked my shirt in to my shorts, which solved the problem. Really silly of me…I think that cost me my 3rd place age group finish, as I was only 1 minute behind the woman who ended in 3rd. Sometimes, it’s meant to be, I suppose.

So happy this race had about 500 or so runners compared to the smaller races I’ve been running lately. Running with groups are so much more fun. Lots of Half Fanatics were out which was great to see. We all acknowledged one another’s presence.

This race comprised of a 10K and a half marathon. We all started at the same time. I saw this little boy running with his dad for the 10K. It seems that the runners in the kids’ age group are getting younger and younger! I think it’s great that they are being exposed to staying healthy, fit and competitive – in my opinion I think it’s important for youngsters.

Along the course, we ran over the Everett Bridge twice. Not a long bridge but kind of an old steel bridge. This wasn’t an amazingly pretty course, but the volunteers were wonderful, which as runners we should be grateful. They work so hard. I think any race without the support of these fine individuals would not make a great race.

Now that I have run so many races in the State of Washington, I am getting used to the hills there. Maybe a lot of locals wouldn’t think a big deal about them, but hills are still hills when you’re running! I have yet to label a race as “flat”. Personally though, I don’t mind hills. In fact, they are better than super flat courses. Those are boring because you only use one muscle group.

Anyhow, I am getting close to completing my 26th half within a 12 month period. By then, I will get a chance to be bumped up a planet to 5 moons (based on our Half Fanatics criteria).

This year will be a big year for me – I am so eager to be running my 49th marathon next month. Hopefully sometime before July/August, I will get to my big 50!!!!

I am so grateful for what I can be doing. As the Race Director said yesterday morning, think for a moment why you are here today. I think the health, the fitness, and the community feeling which bring runners together are all such blessings.

I will always be a learner in this sport, for you can never be good enough.  There is always the next level to progress to.

With each race, it is like attending a life lesson. You learn and you grow in wisdom!

May each of you reading my blog find an opportunity to start running. I guarantee you it will be one of the most rewarding sports out there! Don’t wait, act now!

Finisher medal

Finisher medal


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