Journey to Bogda Peak

One reading this must wonder why on earth I am writing about this peak. It is very interesting, if you will follow my writing to explain.

Marathon Maniacs has just launched a new club called the Double Agents club, whereby the Marathon Maniacs club and the Half Fanatics club are combined into one. That is, each individual who is part of both clubs are assigned an individual “double agent” number. Very creative!

The levels attained go by the world’s famous mountains. Guess where I landed? On Bogda Peak. I researched it on Wilkipedia and it is located in China, and is the 18th highest mountain in the world. If you are interested in the facts, research it on the internet.

The use of mountains have a significant parallel. Getting to these levels are very challenging, just like the mountaineers conquering any of these famous mountains. It requires a lot of guts, fitness, preparation, and at times adversity to get to the height one wants to climb.

My journey really began back in the year 2011, when out of fun, I decided to run 3 marathons in 3 months. Back then, I had never heard of Marathon Maniacs, until one day, my husband was on the computer and stumbled upon the website, and suggested I join…..That was the beginning of my journey.

My belief in life is : things always happen for a reason. Somehow, those 3 consecutive marathons had led me to greater things. Since then, I have gone on to run more marathons; I will be running my 49th this weekend in Toronto. It has been an excellent challenge, and I would not trade anything for what I’ve gone through.

Remember the song from the movie The Sound of Music, “climb every mountain”. The lyrics are very appropriate here. “Climb every mountain, search high and low, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream!”

This dream is too good to be true. Sometimes I wake up and really wonder if I have accomplished what I’ve accomplished over the last few years…but it is true, I have!

So in conclusion, do not be afraid to follow your rainbow…to find your dream!!!

Thank you to Marathon Maniacs, you have brought out the best in each and every  one of your members!!

With gratitude for a great running life!!

By: Mabel Fong


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