Newburgh Half Marathon

This weekend was so special, marked by many firsts! I raced on Mother’s Day weekend, in NYC, and without a watch…How did it happen?

Early Saturday morning, I was woken up and told I had a half marathon to race by my family. I immediately remarked by saying “no way, guys!” I am in NYC, and there is no half this weekend. My husband said “just put on your running clothes, we have to leave right away”. Okay, I had to see what tricks they were playing on me.

We drove from the city of Manhattan as fast as we could. Despite being the weekend, there were still lots of cars on the streets already. We were lucky, for we got there with about 8 minutes left before the start. My husband got my bib from the registration booth and came back to the car with 5 min to go. I pinned up my bib but had to find a washroom. There were two runners ahead of me, and by this time, I had 2 min til the start of the race. Was in and out of the washroom, with 30 seconds before the gun went off. I was in such a rush earlier that morning, that I realized I had my husband’s watch on…but it had no battery! Ha, so it was equivalent to running with no watch at all.

Along with the half marathon, this race had a 5k as well. I saw this set of siblings, about 5 and 4 years old, so cute and charming. The older brother was so keen telling his baby sister to charge up the hill! The baby sis kept calling her older brother to wait for her; she kept saying I can’t  run up the hill! Simply adorable!!

The course started at the historic downtown district of Newburgh. It is an out and back course, which was very rolling and tough. Local triathletes are familiar with this course, as many elite ones train along this route.

The homes along here were beyond gorgeous – they were mansions with views of the water, absolutely beautiful. The lawns were well-maintained and the whole setting was very New England-ish. I liked the route a lot. Very serene.

The police officers on the route were also so great, ensuring every single runner was safe crossing any intersections. The volunteers were courteous and polite, and the whole experience was just so positive.

I love NY for a reason. There is something magical about the state of New York, and now to experience a running race here was mind- blowing.

The race had lots of local running club members. They were all fast runners! And the race shirts we got were very cute (see name in the attached pic).

So I have had two fun weekends of racing. It will be hard to top doing a full and a half back to back in 2 major cities: Toronto and NYC.

I will treasure these two races for the meaning it has brought to me! Thank you my dear family, you know you are loved!

By: Mabel Fong

Finisher T-Shirt Do you see what it says?

Finisher T-Shirt
Do you see what it says?

Finisher medal

Finisher medal


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