Some of my light-hearted running moments

The other day as I was going through my recent blog posts, I realized how serious they have been, so I will attempt to write a few very funny running encounters.

Summerfast 10K is a summer race usually held around June in Vancouver, B.C. My husband and I had run it a couple of times before, but this one summer, for whatever reason, we got the date wrong.

Normally, the race is held on Saturday. That one year, it totally slipped our minds, so we told one another, let’s just register day of. So, on Sunday, we woke up, got dressed, and drove to the racing venue nice and early. We found tons of parking spots. We were so happy about it, I told my husband, “this is great! Free parking and so close to the start”. We waited and waited for about half an hour, until we finally saw a worker walking out from one of the restrooms. My husband got out of the car and asked him if there was a race already this morning, or if they had changed the start. To our amusement, the janitor told us “yeah, there was a race…but it was yesterday!”

That must have been the silliest miscalculation we had ever made! We laughed so hard over how stupid and equally embarrassing that was!

That was the first encounter!

Second funniest had to have been the Rock n Roll Marathon we did in Arizona back in 2009. From the parking lot, a shuttle bus brought us to the race start. It was very early in the morning and pitch dark, but I remember the bus driver reminding us to remember which lot we parked at, and even handed out a lot slip number so we would remember which lot our cars were at after we finished the race.

So off we went, doing our pre-race warm up, gear check and the whole bit. Ran the race and finished our marathon. My husband met me at the finishers’ tent. We walked through the goodies’ tent, gathering some food and juices. The volunteers handed us each a little tray box, so we grabbed what we needed and left the finishers area to the shuttle bus pick up. However, by the time we exited the grounds and got to the parking lot, we didn’t have a single clue where we parked. We walked around for at least 2- 3 miles – after running a marathon!!! We ended doing circles and coming back to the same spot. By then, it must have been 26-28 degrees, and I was heating up, so I took off my running belt which had $20 in it. I was so tired that I threw it into the little paper tray-box that the volunteers had given to us, and placed it down on the ground. We continued to frantically search for our missing car.

Ha, all of a sudden, I looked into my gear bag and saw a slip! It said something like “l” lot or something. We headed that way to get the car, and indeed! Our car was there! Afterwards, we went back to pick up our tray-boxes of goodies, but realized it was gone L

No goodies, no refreshments, lost my running belt, and my sweaty $20 bill.

Funny what running can do to your brain!

After that adventure, I’m positive we ended running/walking close to 29 miles. And to add to that, we were sunburnt from the scorching desert heat.

It was all good though. Luckily I was much younger then! Otherwise, we would have needed a cab to drive us around the lot in search of our car.

…Running doesn’t build character, it reveals it!

The next funny story continues….


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