Olympia Lakefair Run Half Marathon

People who don’t know me may not realize that I like writing. It is very different than just posting a picture or telling the day’s events to a friend. Writing has a much deeper meaning. It allows one to share his/her feelings with others.

Yesterday was one of those beautiful, gorgeous summer days. Skies were bright blue. It seemed to be the perfect weather for sailing or cruising rather than running.

Olympia is the capital of the State of Washington. The Capitol Building is almost a miniature replica to the real one in Washington, D.C. The lakefront is beautiful.

Our half marathon race started about 4-5 blocks up from the water. A gentle uphill during the first mile kind of made the run hard, especially because I didn’t feel like I had warmed up yet.

The race comprised of a 3K, 8K, and the half. The half-marathoners started @ 7am. I honestly could have used an earlier start time yesterday, particularly because of the heat.

We ran on roads, trails, bike paths, and a mixture of surfaces which wasn’t bad. The directions along the route were good, as we were guided by a lot of young volunteers who did such great jobs. They were an ‘A’ team of volunteers!!

I think what was missing was a hose-down, especially during the latter half of the course. It was hot.

I had done the other Olympia race last year – the Capitol City Half Marathon. I think the courses are similar…except we kind of ran it in reverse this time.

Both are fantastic races and great experiences!

This race, I was fortunate to sneak in a 2nd place finish for my age group. Here are the pictures!

Finish line on a hot summer day

Finish line on a hot summer day

Carnival near the finish area

Carnival near the finish area

Again, I credit my husband for getting me to the destinations of the races and the race start lines safely each time. Being the supporter takes a lot more coordination and organization. Running is easy – relative to all the driving and managing the finite details. And oh, the patience it requires!

You know with each race, I always learn something from it. From this race, I reflect on the fact that time is limited.

And since life is short, let’s do the things we are truly passionate about. “Don’t waste it living someone else’s life” – Steve jobs


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