Injuries and Recovery

Finally! After 10 days of rest and low impact exercise, I have been able to rebound.

I feel like a new person. I’m sure any injured runner can attest to that – we get moody, grouchy, cranky, and even ferocious. Our bodies and our minds kind of go out of whack.

So for any beginners runners out there, be prepared to pay the price to become a “true warrior”!

There are highs and there are lows, sacrifices and accomplishments, discipline and freedom, joys and anguish, success and failures. If you are not willing to commit to a life of contrasts, I suggest you should not pick up this sport.

I have encountered numerous injuries over the years, from a groin injury to an IT band injury, and now to a sprained ankle. I have fallen off a treadmill and slipped on black-ice, I have ran on the sidewalk and tripped over traffic cones, I have been pushed and have fallen in races, and I have scraped knees. They have resulted in some scars as a result, which are not pretty to look at, but these scars are a sign of a “true runner”!

The initial reaction when anyone gets injured is “why me”? Like life, without these injuries, we do not blossom to become better runners. We learn to be tough through these adverse times. And that’s a very important characteristic of a runner. And once we recover, we learn to appreciate what’s been lost more!

Whether one has a faith or not, somewhere out there, my own belief is God is looking after me. Time after time, he lets me heal and allows me to get back the happiness that no other sport can replace.

Injuries are an inevitable part of a runner’s life! Nothing comes easy. You earn your stripes. You put in what you get out. These injuries are minor compared to the time commitment one needs to invest in order to gain speed, endurance, and other skills.

So in closing, be brave!! No pain, no gain!! Embrace your running journey!!


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