End of Summer

To a lot of young parents, this must be a bittersweet time in their lives.

Another school year will start…September will be super hectic. I have been through those years with my kids and I can thoroughly relate to the emotions going through every Mom’s head right now.

Yet for runners, it is a celebration. A celebration that there will be so many more fall races, a celebration that we can train and race in much cooler weather, a celebration to analyse and soak in the efforts and rewards of our running so far. There are many reasons to celebrate.

Fall is my most favorite season for running. Each week you can watch the season slowly changing, and you feel so in tune with nature. And looking into the skies, everything looks so calm and peaceful.

Fall is also a time to pull out our running schedules…there are so many good races to look forward to!

What are your fall running plans? If you have never started running, I suggest you start by joining a run club and sign up for an early 2016 5km race maybe. For intermediate runners, how about trying something new, like a new distance or a destination race. Maybe even running a faster time. There are so many options; it is up to you runners what you want to do with your timetables. For the veterans, I am sure you need no advice, you will keep going.

For myself, I hope to reach another milestone in terms of the number of half marathons I will do before the end of the year. As well, I will soon start my training for the Disneyworld Dopey Challenge 2016 (four days of racing for a total of 48.6 miles)… My running schedule is looking very exciting!

Hope you look forward to the upcoming year as each new student heads back to school! Fill your life with goals, with zest, with excitement … And enjoy turning your goals into reality.

Everybody, let’s do it! And welcome to fall!


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