Galloping Gertie Half Marathon

This was my 76th half marathon. A very nice race called the Galloping Gertie Half Marathon, which crossed over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge – read here for some background. Not a big race, but there was about 200-300 runners.

I have run a number of Tacoma races now, and each one is notoriously hilly. After all, this is home to the Tacoma Marathon hosted annually in late April by the Marathon Maniacs.

Each Tacoma runner is a strong runner in my opinion. Training day to day in such hilly terrains, you become naturally good at running hills.

Yesterday proved to be a little tough for me. I just didn’t have the legs. Maybe sitting in the car for the long-distance drive from Vancouver didn’t help, or maybe it was the course. Anyhow, the view on the bridge was breath-taking! It was of the harbour, and that was really something else! If you are afraid of height though, this race would be quite terrifying.

To me, that mile-long bridge was quite challenging, especially coming back. It seemed extra-long and I was feeling a bit out of gas.

I overheard one volunteer saying to the other that this race seemed to have a lot more female than male runners. I didn’t take note, but around me were runners of all ages. However, now that I look back on the race, that remark may be true.

In fact, statistics have shown that the half marathon distance has gained so much popularity amongst women, that over 60% of half marathon race participants are women. I can totally see that trend growing. It can be turned into a fun weekend for the girls to hangout. And it is a very do-able distance.

What is my plan for the next race? I will be running my 77th half marathon today. I am totally looking forward to it. Although I cannot exactly call it a back-to-back race (or double), the challenge is good enough for me.

I had previously done a back-to-back 2 years ago, Unfortunately, I could not coordinate one this weekend. Next time, I might want to try a triple on one weekend! I think I am ready for such a challenge.

Now I am getting ready for this race!

Watch for my next report!

Galloping Gertie finsher medal

Galloping Gertie finsher medal


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