Labor Day Half Marathon

Sounds like a boxing match: Round 1 done (see my previous post on the Galloping Gertie Half Marathon, which I ran on Saturday), and now Round 2, the Labor Day Half Marathon which took place yesterday.

Yesterday’s race is a race I have done twice now. I really enjoy it because it is a nice race with lots of runners, it’s very well-organized, and the medal is always nice too! The weather yesterday was good; a crisp fall morning. The rain held off which was a plus.

The race started at 8am. There were different self-seeded corrals. The 4-milers took off first, and then the faster than 8 min/mile runners…I seeded myself in the 10 min/mile corral. After waiting a minute or so for the fastest runners to cross the start, I was off.

The first mile felt hard, as my legs still felt tired from Saturday’s race. However, my body began to warm up after about 5K. Everything felt fine and I no longer felt tired at all. I actually enjoyed my race.

In a way, that is the benefit of running a familiar course: it kind of takes away the unknown, to a point where I was just following the pack of runners ahead of me. There was this gentleman running side by side to me, and I could hear his footsteps. We were literally running the same pace for about 9-10 miles, but soon after he took off. At the 11 mile turn-around mark, I could see him slightly ahead of me, but then with a mile to go, I caught up and eventually passed him! That is the nicest feeling! Reeling in and passing runners at the end.

While on the course, I noticed another runner with a quote on the back of her shirt: “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start” – John Bingham

So often, that holds true. If we don’t even have the courage to begin, how do we even accomplish anything?

Yesterday was one of those races where I felt I was running in a zone. I thought it would be harder than round 1, but it turned out to be quite the contrary.

I must thank this lady who encouraged me to race to the finish; her last few encouraging words really motivated me and I did exactly what she told me to.

My aggregate time for the 2 races this year was faster than when I did my double (back to back races) two years ago. The Galloping Gertie Half Marathon on Saturday was hilly, while the Labor Day Half Marathon on Monday was more gentle. This seemed to be the same with when I did the Santa Barbara Half Marathon and the Malibu Half Marathon back to back. One was more challenging than the other. I truly enjoy doing these doubles; guess I love challenges!

The feeling of finishing at the end is indescribable, especially when doing double races. The harder the goal, the more I treasure them.

Below are 2 pictures. One is of me dashing to the finishing line, and another is of the very nice medal I received.

Labor Day Half Marathon finisher medal

Labor Day Half Marathon finisher medal

Me dashing to the finish!

Me dashing to the finish!

What a memorable Labor Day weekend!

Thanks to the organizers for putting on such wonderful races and to all the volunteers and officers for making these races safe and memorable for all!

I have many more mountains to climb, goals to conquer, races to run!!

“We will not be put off the final goal. We have it hidden in us to attain” – Robert Frost


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