Skagit Flats Half Marathon

I wanted to run a half this past weekend but could not decide on which half to run. I was being very indecisive. Should I run a local race, or should I run one with a course I am familiar with. Guess what? I chose the latter – the Skagit Flats Half Marathon.

I registered really late (i.e. just the day before), so luckily I was able to get in. I had run the full marathon in 2013, the half in 2014, and the half again today. It was a small-town race, with about 400 runners. The course was out-and-back. Most of the water stations were manned by high school students – a very enthusiastic bunch. Cutest remark was from two girls offering GU, telling runners they taste like vanilla ice cream! I can’t wait for the day when they offer real ice-cream on the course…yum! And maybe cookies & pop, as they do with ultra-marathons 🙂

Today started off as a nice, cool morning, but warmed up real fast. At about the 10 km mark, where we turned around, I started feeling the heat. I recognized a few front runners who ended up getting age group awards. The award was a bobble-head inscribed with the age group placing on the bottom. Very cute!

Race directors are getting more & more creative. I only hope that extends to the pre and post refreshments. Please contact me if you need suggestions. I have a long list for you!

Skagit Flats, as the name suggests, was flat…flatter than a pancake. Personally, I don’t like racing in super flat courses. It is very unchallenging and actually tires your muscles quicker than a gently rolling course. But the convenience of getting there from Vancouver was a plus, as it is a pretty close drive. The medal was nice too, no complaints there.

Soon enough I am going to run out of half marathon courses in the Pacific Northwest. From Vancouver, B.C. to Oregon, I have ran numerous races. It is time to explore a little further…or much further!

Thus far, I have ran my 21st half marathon of the year, and my 78th half in my running career overall, and this marks my 32nd race of the year!

All these milestones are new in my record books. Will I strive for more? The answer is a definite YES. The year is not over yet. During the latter part of the year, I will be focusing on running a couple of marathons. By year end, let’s see what my numbers will come up to.

Today’s race was special because I was able to share it with a few friends, so thanks for being a part of my 78th half marathon race!

Skagit Flats Half Marathon Finisher Medal

Skagit Flats Half Marathon Finisher Medal


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