First Double – Run Like a Girl

This weekend, I was initially going to do a marathon in Washington. However, because there was no reasonably-priced lodging available, I had to forego that option. As an alternative, I ended up doing a double half marathon – two halfs in two days.

Arguably, it is not equivalent to one full marathon. For me, 2 halfs in 2 days are equally challenging as one full.

The first half marathon race was a trail race called Run Like a Girl Half Marathon. Not an overly tough course, but parts of it were pretty technical. This race was at Fairhaven Park in Bellingham, Washington, which is a very nice green park. The colors of the trees were changing, with the bright sun shining all morning; it was a gorgeous setting for a running race. This race was ladies only. The volunteers and the race organizers indeed put in a lot of effort to make it ladies-friendly. For example, at the first water stop, we were handed princess tiaras (see pic). Then at the second water-stop, there were wristlets on the aid-station table. I grabbed three of them which said “Dream, Believe & Confidence”.

Lots of runners wore tutus, which made the race more festive. I saw Wonder Woman, and a trio with customized shirts that said “13” – “.” – “1” (i.e. for 13.1 miles). Some of these women got quite creative with their outfits.

At the halfway point, we were handed moustache stickers that were very cute! And at the last water station, we were given raffle tickets that promised a “margarita” at the finish. That never materialized…but instead, there was yogurt from Menchie’s. Nice, but too sweet for me after my race.

Along the trails, I spotted a group of mountain bikers. I honestly don’t know how they bike up such rocky terrain.

There were a few guys who also sneaked in for parts of the race. One was accompanying his pregnant wife – very sweet! And a guy volunteer had a tartan skirt on, and even the photographer had a mini tutu. So the ladies theme was carried throughout the race. It was tons of fun!

A few ladies ran with their dogs too. It would had been cute if they had adorned their pets in tutus as well.

The organizers really saved the best for last. At the finish area, every female runner got a unique necklace which was tied on by The Bellingham Firefighters. None of us could resist! 🙂

I really had so much fun on Saturday. Even my husband amused me with a pink tiara on his head at the finish line. Just totally hilarious for me to see!

Loved this race. Well done Race Director! You surely entertained us very well. I will be back next year!

My princess tiara

My princess tiara


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