Second Double – Spirit of the Shore

On Sunday I ran my second double half marathon, Spirit of the Shore in Vancouver. In my previous post, First Double – Run Like a Girl, I ran my first double half marathon just the day before.

On the way to the race start, my husband asked how I was keeping my nerves in check. I really don’t know. He teased me because I have no fear. Maybe.

What a beautiful morning (see attached photo). The skies were lit bright pink then turned bright orange. So lovely.

Sometimes I think I have the weather gods on my side, because for almost all the races I’ve done this year, except for one or two, the weather has been nearly perfect for running. Can’t ask for more, really.

I love races that start early. This one was at 7:30 am, just as the sun began to shine. Somehow, I don’t really remember much of the first 2km, as it seemed to loop here & there.

Running in the North Shore of Vancouver was nice. It is very different than in the city. The Seawall here offered different views of the city. We could see the downtown buildings on the other side of the inlet, and the majestic Lion’s Gate Bridge which was absolutely spectacular. A lot of times, we do take our own city for granted. There are so many areas to run, and best of all the captivating scenery is just in our own backyard.

There were many sailboats out on the water. If I was not such a running fanatic, sailing would be a nice sport to pick up.

Along the route, we also passed by the Capilano stream – that scenery was so serene. I have to rate this course as one of the most beautiful B.C. races I have done.

As for my race, I did not have a grand plan nor racing strategy. I told myself as long as I was not in too much pain or discomfort, I would be fine. So that’s exactly how it happened. Oftentimes, I find the second day of racing easier than the first. Although I was running with more tired legs because of the half marathon the day before, I felt pretty strong.

In terms of the Half Fanatics Criteria, I have one more half marathon to complete and I will reach planet Earth. Yes, no more being a Martian! It’ll be good to be “normal” again! 😉

Just remember, we really shape our own destiny if we follow the direction of our dreams!

Beautiful morning sunrise in Vancouver

Beautiful morning sunrise in Vancouver

Running towards the finish line

Running towards the finish line

running along the Seawall - can you spot Lion's Gate Bridge behind me? :)

running along the Seawall – can you spot Lion’s Gate Bridge behind me? 🙂

Spirit of the Shore finisher medal

Spirit of the Shore finisher medal


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