Salty Half Marathon

When I initially registered, I thought maybe it was called the Salty Half because the race route runs past salt water, thus the name “The Salty Half”. Little did I know they got their name because one of the race sponsors is Salty’s Alki Beach Seafood Grill. The race took place in Washington on Saturday, and I believe this was its 7th year in existence.

The course reminded me so much of Victoria, B.C. Very scenic, and the homes there were very architecturally designed with a beautiful view of the water. I like the neighbourhood a lot. Our race route started by the boat ramp in Alki Beach Park, then routed along the Alki Boardwalk, past Beach Drive, and along the sea wall route through Lincoln Park.

The halfway point of the race was at Lincoln Park, where fallen leaves covered a good part of the trail; I loved hearing the sound of cracking leaves as I continued along.

The unfortunate part of this race was that there were no water-stations at this point. I think all of the runners were a bit disappointed.

Somewhere around the 10th or 11th mile, there was a mini replica of the Statue of Liberty. I assume there must be a connection between this Alki Boardwalk and New York. I haven’t quite researched on that, but if you know anything about it, please let me know by leaving a comment!

When I arrived at the start before the race, the sun was just rising (see pic) – it was so magical! If you looked across the water, there was a view of the Seattle Space needle, and other downtown buildings. It was such a spectacular view of the city (see 2nd pic).

I am so in awe of all the gorgeous places I have run in. Each course is captivating in its own way. The more I run, the harder it is to pick out the best course.

Next week, I will be back running another of my favorite distances – the good ol’ 26.2! So, this week will be an easy week for me as I should be tapering. I’ll have to find things to fill my timetable…I think a beautifying week will be good 🙂

So far this year, I have been lucky to have met most of my running goals. The Salty Half is my #27 half of the year. I am truly thankful.

Running to me is like our taste-buds: sometimes its sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes bitter, sometimes salty, sometimes spicy…thus far, my running has encompassed all of the above!

Variety provides the “spice” of life. If running and life remains bland, that’s when we have to turn it up a notch and make it exciting, make it “tasty” and “delicious”!

Hope you are enjoying all the “spices” in your life!

Ready to run before sunrise

Ready to run before sunrise

Seattle skyline

Seattle skylineIMG_9468


beautiful west coast sunrise

beautiful west coast sunrise


Salty Half Finisher Medal – it’s a Fish!


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