Last Running Post of 2015

The year has almost come to a close. We runners have gathered our statistics and have happily calculated how many training miles we have run, how many races we have done, and perhaps how many medals we have collected.

We are goal-setters. So although we have our family and friends to help celebrate the holiday season with us, the last week of December almost seems “lonely” from a running perspective. We wish there were more races – even during the holidays. There are no breaks for avid runners like me. I, for one, cannot wait for January to come around.

I get excited checking the upcoming racing calendar. As runners, we like to look forward to see what’s in store. I recently read some information that one full circle around the earth equates to about 25,000 miles. I am excited to have accomplished just over one tenth of that distance cumulatively. I always believe in this idiom, which is “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. Many of you starting out would never believe that you can do it, while the veterans would tell you different, and for them, have set out to achieve even loftier goals. The running world is indeed a very fascinating world. There are NO limits. The only limitation is definitely within yourself.

What will your 2016 calendar look like? Mine will start with the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge from January 7th – January 10th, 2016. I am anxiously counting down the days. The hard work is done, and the reward will soon be in sight (48.6 miles raced and 6 medals for finishing)!

Runners, this is the time to pat yourself on the shoulder for a year well done. Soak in all of your achievements and believe that in the coming year, you will be a better and more accomplished runner.

Miles do not change me literally speaking, but it changes my viewpoint in life. As each running year passes, I believe I can depend upon myself more, be more grateful for what I have, and accept any challenges that come my way.

Life is full of ups and downs. With running, we can ride out any cycles. It keeps us focused, happy, satisfied and most importantly, healthy! I am thankful for what I have accomplished in 2015!

Together, let’s look forward to fun times and many more outstanding achievements!

Fellow runners, let’s welcome the year 2016!


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