Running Love Story

Those who have watched the movie Love Story from the 70’s would definitely remember the theme song: “Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be…the simple truth about the love she brings to me…” Anyone who ventures into the sport of running has arrived, or will at one point arrive at this point in their running career. It is a love so profound that it can change one’s life. We become a much better parent, sister, sibling,  daughter, friend, partner…The return that running gives back is immeasurable. I am one of those running fanatics who has developed a strong love for the sport, and I just wish to spread the message of how positive running really is.

No sport is more convenient than running: put on a pair of running shoes and run anywhere. When we travel, we can run, when we are alone, we can run, when we are with a group of like-minded individuals, we can run. Tell me what other sport gives you that option. We can run in crowded cities, or we can choose to run in scenic trails, up mountains, by valleys and lakes. Any terrain we choose, we can run.

My love of running is what brought me to the love of racing. I am admittedly an enthusiast of races. The excitement of a race is indescribable. Some race to win, some race to participate, some race to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon. I race because I am a Half Fanatic, as well as a Marathon Maniac.

Over the last year or so, I have been focused on this journey to run 100 halfs. To date, I have completed 98 half marathons. Hopefully, I will be running my 100th half marathon come May 1st.

When asked why I do it (run so much), my very frank and honest answer is simply for the love of running.

This past weekend, I ran 2 halfs back to back (called a double), which qualified me for the 7th level of the Half Fanatics. This was accomplished by running 13 halfs within 77 days/12 weekends straight starting mid-January and as result, I have made it to Planet Venus.

There were weekends where I felt tired or too pressured, but seriously, the harder the goal, the more rewarding it is. I tell myself, if I am committed to accomplishing a goal, I better be prepared for some hardships. This streak wasn’t easy, but the timing of the races were aligned perfectly to allow me to complete the level within the appropriate timeframe.

I will go back and briefly talk about the last 2 races I did this weekend which allowed me to get to Planet Venus. It was the Run for the Honeywagon Half Marathon in Everson, WA on Saturday, followed by the Everett Half in Everett, WA on Sunday.

The Run for the Honeywagon Race was a warm day. I felt a little tired going into it to be honest, as my last race was only 6 days prior. Luckily, we had a much cooler day for the Everett Half.

I have done a number of doubles before. The first double was SantaBarbara & Malibu in Southern California. Those were truly unbelievable races. Malibu had to be one of the prettiest locales to ever run a half/full marathon! Then my next double was the Run like a Girl Half in Washington followed by the Spirit of the Shore Half in North Vancouver, BC last October.

I am so thankful for having found the Half Fanatics family; you guys have pushed me towards some lofty running goals. Without you guys, I would not have become as ambitious as I have.

Much gratitude to all those before me who have shown me the path of success. There are a number of very accomplished Maniacs and Fanatics who have inspired me to follow their paths. You know who you are… And I hope one day I can become as accomplished as you all. To the rest of the runners who have come into my life, I cannot be more gratified.

I can only count my lucky stars for having come so far. I know there is still a big world of running for me that still hasn’t been discovered yet.

I will conclude with the rest of the lyrics from Love Story: “How long does it last, can love be measured by the hours in a day, I have no answers now but this much I can say, I know I will need her (running) until the stars all burn away and she (running) will be there.”


Finisher’s Medal


Everett Half Finishers Area




Two medals from back to back races


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