MEC Vancouver Race Series #4

To continue on my earlier blog post (re: the North Face Whistler Half Marathon), I ran the MEC Vancouver Race Series #4 Half Marathon race this past Sunday following Saturday’s Whistler Half Marathon.

MEC stands for Mountain Equipment Co-Op and they have retail stores all over Canada. Their races are known to be low-key, no frills/medals type of race. But it has grown in popularity as a lot of people don’t really care about getting medals but rather a finishing time. For me, I chose to do this race because it coincided with my doubles schedule.

Sunday was 30 degrees. There was heat advisory locally. Not a great morning for racing, to be honest, but since I had committed to running this race, I had no choice but to do it.

After Saturday’s race in Whistler, this was mini in size in comparison. Altogether there were maybe 200 runners for the half.

The nice thing about this race however, was that they had invited the Nuun  hydration team as a sponsor, so they had aid stations set up along the course.

The day was so brutally hot, I was just counting down to when I would hit the next  km mark. The course was run along the Richmond dykes. Surface was 90% gravel and 10% paved road. On a hot day, I did not enjoy running on such a surface, as each runner was kicking up the dust from the gravel – it was not pleasant.

As I came upon of the refreshment stations, they did not had the electrolytes drinks ready, so I bypassed the station altogether. As each minute passed, it got warmer and warmer; for a while, I felt a little dizzy and the sun’s reflection on the dykes’ surface was kind of blinding.

Anyhow, Sunday’s race was purely a survival type of day given that I had run just the day before. I was glad I finished in one piece. Not one single ounce of energy was left in me. It was so draining physically.

In these times, I always tell myself, the harder the race, the more I test my will-power. You definitely learn and grow from those adversities.

So, that was my 105th half marathon. Nothing impressive. But got my fourth double done.

For those interested in reading my blogs, I still have one to write up. I ran the Snoqualmie Valley Trail half marathon this past Saturday. Stay put… It will be up soon.



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