MEC Barrie Series Half Marathon

On Saturday June 25th, I ran my 108th half marathon, which was part of the MEC Barrie series. In reality, it was run in the town of Orillia rather than Barrie, ON. The trail we ran on was called the Oro-Medonte trail, previously a railway track until 1996, when it was converted into a running/walking/biking trail.

There were a few crossings along this trail, but the traffic was sparse. The day of the race was a real scorcher, as the sun beamed down from early on in the morning. It was very humid as well. Most of the trail was fairly shaded, but there were still parts where we were exposed to the high heat. I would not exactly call this a scenic trail, at least not one of the most scenic trails I’ve run before. It was rather plain and boring. Being an out and back course, you could see the other runners after the turnaround point.

It was a very small race. About 70 runners at most, so it was more like a solo run for me. I thought with this race that I would come dead last, as I did not see any runners behind me. In my head, I was thinking, how would I fee to be the last runner? Then, I thought to myself, this was my #24 half marathon this year alone; I have all the excuses in the world to come last! I wasn’t discouraged one single bit because given so many races completed, one of these days I’m bound to have a real slow race.

Regardless, I tried my hardest to catch up, but my legs did not seem to want to move during the first half of the race. Then came the turn-around. I looked over and this lady asked “are you running your first half?” I almost wanted to say yes, given the speed I was going! I told her it was my 108th and she looked at me in disbelief.

This was a tough race, and I blame it on the sweltering heat! I am really not used to the kind of heat in Ontario. Just one week prior, I was running in very cool comfortable Seattle weather. Then bang! a week later, I’m thrown into a heat wave kind of day. My breathing was off a bit throughout the entire race, and at the finish I could barely stand upright while getting my chip timing device removed. But we runners have to be adaptable. The tougher races are what build character. I survived another majorly hot race. I would not say I actually enjoyed it, but I finished.

So that was my #24 half for the first half of the year. Totally looking forward to greater challenges for the remainder of the year.

For this race there is no medal to show unfortunately. But below are 2 pictures of me at the race 🙂

IMG_7183 IMG_7189


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