See Jane Run Women’s Half Marathon

Out of all the half marathons I have run, a number of them have been women’s races. Women’s races are becoming more and more popular, and I can see why. Bonding with your girlfriends over a weekend of running is lots of fun. Plus, we really get to be ourselves, surrounded by other women who share very similar passions, goals, objectives and lifestyle.

I think the time has come to put on more women’s races. Think back to the history of running when women were banned from racing – I think women have come a long way to be equal with men.

Women tend to acknowledge one another, and we encourage one another, and respect one another. Not just in the racing world but all around: look at the many successful female CEO’s in the world, successful political leaders; women…we have come a long way!

I personally think that our differences is what makes us unique and beautiful. Last weekend’s race was called See Jane Run Women’s Half Marathon Seattle. The most touching part about this race for me was seeing this blind running guide leading this beautiful blind runner through the whole race. So loving, so beautiful to see that.

In each of these races, I myself only comprise a tiny part of the whole pie. I am just one of the many participants. There are many talented runners, each having their own reason to run. In each runner, you absolutely see the determination on their faces. Much like the placard on the course “the miracle is not that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start” (John Bingham).

The day was a nice cool Seattle summer day. Very ideal running weather. We started with an aerobics work-out for the warm-up. I was so uncoordinated, I could not follow a single move! But the atmosphere was fun. Good stretching for my tight muscles.

The race started from the Gas Works park. When we glanced across the water, we could spot the Seattle space needle. Quite pretty especially on a lazy Seattle Sunday morning.

We were lucky with the rain too. It was raining quite heavily when I arrived to pick up my race packet. But somehow, the rain completely eased off before the race started.

There were a number of out & back portions on this course, so we did get to pass other racers a couple of times. I even spotted a few guys who signed up for this race.

The race medal was very cute. On the ribbon, it actually says, “I run for chocolates”. Am I ever someone who runs for that? Absolutely! I am definitely a chocolate lover. Only wish they served chocolates on the course too! The dark chocolates were placed inside our champagne glasses which we picked up after our race. Very cute idea. Maybe I take back the idea of serving chocolates on the course; I think I would rather eat chocolates than run at all! Haha 🙂

Here is me with my medal and champagne glass in front of the banner “I run for chocolates”! And that was my recap of my 110th half.

All I can say to runners out there is never say never. I never expected myself to love running so much when I started. But, somehow, someway, I find myself on this wonderful journey of running. And to all the women runners: remember, what makes us different is what makes us beautiful!

Keep on running!

Start line

Seattle skyline

Seattle skyline

"The miracle is not that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start"

“The miracle is not that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start”

Half Marathon Medal

Half Marathon Medal

At the finish

At the finish



Finisher's champagne glass

Finisher’s champagne glass


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