Peninsula Runners Fort Langley Half

On July 17th, I was in Fort Langley once again to run my 27th half of the year. It was a beautiful morning.

Upon arriving, we snagged the last parking spot available near the race start. As I was about to put my bib on, I bumped into an old friend who also happened to be running the half who I hadn’t seen in years. What a pleasant surprise – it was so nice to get re-acquainted again after so much time apart. We talked and got caught up like it was only yesterday that we belonged to the same run clinic, and we recalled the time when we ran a couple of marathon races together. Such fond memories replayed in my mind, especially after we reminisced about our “faster” running days!

Oftentimes, life gets in the way of running. Many of my running friends have taken breaks over the course of their running careers because of things like career changes, having a family, or pursuing further education. Whatever their reasons, it is always nice to hear runners eventually returning to the running scene, such as with this friend.

Recently on a plane, I watched a Discovery Channel documentary called “Life after Sport”, which mainly focused on what happens to elite athletes after they reach their ultimate (sports) goals. Definitely an extremely fascinating and insightful documentary as it follows several top-notch athletes and their personal journeys and struggles to get re-accustomed to everyday life, by going on to build their new careers whatever that entails for them.

The message is simply that we all have to do something, we all have to find a balance. Generally I think runners are so one-sided in the way we think (or maybe it’s just me!). Sometimes we think we are invincible…that we can go on running forever. The lucky ones may be blessed with longevity of the sport. But in reality, life ultimately does need a balance.

For me, I find that balance in my family. They support me in pursuing my passion and my love of running, amongst other things. But I would also like to bring my other “family” into the picture, which is the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics family. I have met members who have inspired me to dream big and set lofty running goals. So many of these members are truly accomplished and super humble.

The Peninsula Runners Fort Langley Half & 5Km race was advertised as the most scenic in the country. In my experience, many times races are advertised as scenic and containing one moderate hill to climb. Although not advertised as such, the hills along this route were definitely not moderate! There were several tough hills to climb, and all of them seemed long. I had a hard time going up those hills. But then of course, what goes up, must come down…so there were a couple of sharp downhills as well. I can never decide which one I prefer. They’re both challenging for different reasons.

I’ve attached a picture of the race medal. It’s a bit different than my other medals because it is ceramic. Nice but I cannot place it with my other medals because it might break. Have to find a separate spot to store these kinds of medals. Life shouldn’t be this complicated! 😊

After the race, we had a nice brunch with a friend. I got blueberry waffles with lots of whipped cream. It was delicious! And not a bad reward after my run!!!


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