Anacortes Art Dash Half Marathon

Since the start of the Rio Olympics, I have been putting off publishing this blog post as I have been so occupied watching all my favourite Olympic sporting events.

Watching the best in the world compete really takes you into another world. These Olympians all somehow make the event they participate in look so easy! And yet, if only we got to observe the blood, sweat and tears that it took for each & every single Olympian to get there. I have enormous respect for ALL Olympians – medal or not is secondary to the effort and diligence required to get to their level.

I myself have been fortunate to meet a number of Olympians – both Canadians & Americans. One of these days, I may decide to post a photo gallery of all my idols.

As some of you may know, my latest running goals have been to run as many halfs as possible within a 52-week timeframe. The Art Dash Half in Anacortes, Washington was my 29th half of the year.

This year, the race coincided with the Anacortes Arts Festival, so street vendors were lined all the way around the finish line, which was kind of cool. I guess some would call it street art, as many really old pianos were painted into an art installation, which I found kind of interesting, while other art was (simply) just colorful elastic tied to a net. I personally am more into classic art than street or abstract art. But I acknowledge it is a different kind of style and it requires a different kind of talent.

Overall, the race vibe was festive. And this race was made into a community event which was nice. Normally, I don’t associate art with running. But having experienced this race, it is kind of a nice mix.

This race started at 7:00 am. There were about 180 half marathoners, amongst other distance runners (10K and 5K). The route was pretty easy to follow, kind of a round-about out-and-back race. The only challenging part was at about 4 miles, where there was this steep hill- not long – but steep. I always adjust my pace on the hills, so I was going much slower here. And then at about 9 miles, there was this wooden bridge which crossed over the Anacortes Island back to the park. It was a rather long bridge. My guess is that it was close to a mile long.

Back into the park, we were heading home. At this point, we got a glimpse of the water which was quite beautiful. In this race, I did not pass many runners, nor did many runners pass me. Pretty constant of a race. Sometimes running consistent is much better than going out too fast and dying in the second half. I haven’t have much races where I have a negative split. I am just happy to have the opportunity to race!

I am sharing some pictures with some murals behind me. I tried to get some artsy shots of the finish area 🙂


Art Festival mural


Art Festival mural


Anacortes Art Dash Finisher’s Medal

 Hope you enjoy them.


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