Toronto Women’s 5K

Six days after running the Edmonton marathon, I ran the 2XU Toronto Women’s 5K race presented by GoodLife Fitness for Women. That was rare for me because I seldom mix long distance races with shorter distances races.

This race supported a wonderful cause: part of the fees went to support the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO). Leading up to race day there were fundraising initiatives, with a target goal of raising $40,000. For me, to be a part of one of the largest women’s run series in Canada made me feel good.

The route ran through Sunnybrook Park, which is a large public park in Toronto. It is located near a very wealthy neighbourhood called the Bridle Path. The homes (more like mansions and estates) are all huge, spanning acres and normally come with their own tennis courts, swimming pools and luxurious garden backyards.

Within Sunnybrook Park is a horse stable. I remember bringing my kids to this park when they were young and would spend the afternoon watching the horses and riders training. It was lovely strolling through the autumn foliage as well. So on this particular morning of August 26th, running through this park brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

This race was actually part of the Toronto Women’s Run Series, and on this particular day there was a 10K and 5K course. The 10K runners started 15 minutes earlier than the 5K runners. The morning was very sunny and quite humid. We started at 8:15 and were split into 2 big corrals, separated by over 30 min & under 30 min. Personally, I thought I would definitely go over 30 but decided to start with the faster corral.

The route was nice and flat. The water stations were manned by a number of volunteer firefighters. Of course, I could not resist getting my water from these guys 😉

Out of the 450 women (and a handful of men) who participated, many were fast. Despite thinking I’d finish over 30 minutes, I managed to sneak in just under 30 minutes, finishing 5th in my age group which I was very pleased with! Below is the picture of the finisher’s medal.IMG_8019.JPG


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