Double Half

The following recap is of my most recent races, where I ran two back-to-back halfs on Saturday and Sunday this past Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

One was called the Fall City Half and the other was called the Snohomish River Run and both were in Washington.

For the Fall City Half, the route was quite rural; we ran past a lot of cattle fields. The day turned out to be quite nice after a day of heavy rain previously. When I woke up, it was still raining, but miraculously stopped as the race began. This race attracted a handful of very young girls and boys who were almost all probably under 12 years old. Their times were really fast too for their age…I was impressed! They were all running between 1:45-1:50. Amazing kids! I, along with many other adult racers, were totally inspired to watch how focused and composed these youngsters were. As this was an out and back race, I got to witness their running form and saw how they ran like pros. One girl had already completed 5 halfs and she was no more than 12 years old. All these young runners definitely have a bright future as far as I am concerned.

At this race, all the runners were pretty spread out. Near the beginning, I tried to run in a group, but somehow the pace just got a little too fast for me, so I decided to run my own pace. As there were no pacers, I relied on my watch more than I normally would. Although the route was rural, the surroundings were very peaceful, so I zoned out. Overall, the course was not bad, except there were a number of 90 degree turns. It seemed like we were always going around in squares after squares!

This was my 41st race of the year, and given that, I guess I did okay, coming 5th place in my age group. Not good enough to get a podium finish, but I was happy with my result.

After I finished, I went to watch the awards ceremony. The nicest part was seeing those young kids receive their finisher and placement awards, and receiving free 2017 race entries as a result. I thought that was a very nice gesture on the part of the Race Director; the kids were simply beaming with joy.

If I decide to run this race next year, I hope to see how much these kids will improve. As for now, sharing my pictures of the day here:


before the Fall City race


Fall City Half medal


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


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