Snohomish River Run Half

The day after I ran the Fall City Half, I was in Everett to run the Snohomish River Run Half. As there was no designated parking lot for the race, every runner either had to be dropped off or had to park a block or more away from the start. I had to circle around a number of times before finding a legal parking spot.

The morning was cool and cloudy – my favourite fall running weather. With 10 minutes to start, the race director and the pacers were all ready to get the race going. There were a lot of runners. More 10K runners than the half. The start chute was a bit narrower than other races, maybe because we had to run along the side of the road for a lot of the race. For the first 5K, everyone was jammed together and it was crowded. It was only after the 10K runners turned around that the roads became more wide open.

During my first 5 minutes, I thought I was going to walk the whole thing. My legs were not turning over. And it didn’t help that the first bit of the race was a slight uphill too. My breathing was off, and my legs weren’t going, so I thought great…this will be a loooong race! Luckily after passing the one mile mark, everything seemed to fall in sync. I was able to run with the 2:20 pacer.

Sometimes when that happens, especially in a marathon, I can’t help but wish that I was running a shorter distance race. You ask yourself, why did I register for such a long distance? But then once you cross the finish line, you say nice, when can I run the next one again?!

Often, you’ll have doubts in your head. If you give in, the effort almost automatically seems super difficult and maybe not worth it even. With this race, I did not give in, and instead chose to give it an even consistent effort, despite the challenges I faced at the beginning of the race. Although the last mile was not easy, I reminded myself that it was still shorter than running a full marathon, and that is what got me to the end.

I must admit though, the last bit of the race was brutal! Whenever the course involves an uphill finish, I want to scream why?!! But in a split moment, I was across the finish line and was jumping up & down with joy. Another one done!

The race directors were already announcing the age group awards. And to my utter surprise, I heard my name being called and found out that I had placed. For our awards, instead of a medal, we were awarded with a toque, which I find is very cute and useful, especially for winter running.

See below for pictures from the awards ceremony. We were holding up a placard that said “to an awesome runner. A million dollars”. Certainly, we three ladies felt like a million bucks!!!

Thank you to Snohomish River run for a great race.

What a nice way to wrap up 2 days of back to back racing. Can’t wait for the next race!



One million dollar reward


Snohomish River Run medal


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