Boundary Bay Half

The Boundary Bay Half Marathon is part of a running series put on by Try Events running company in Vancouver, B.C. This year the race was on November 6th.

I have done most of their races before, including their 5k and halfs, and I’ve liked the location of each one I have partaken in. Earlier in the year I ran their Fort Langley Historic Half and now, half a year later, I signed up for the Boundary Bay Half marathon. Boundary Bay is located south of Vancouver near the US border in the city of Delta.

This is the only Try Events race which includes a marathon, a half, a 10k and a 5k. It is a very nice course. We basically run along the dyke trail which hugs the water. Lots of nature and wild birds in the area. It really is quite picturesque.

On the day of the race, the weather was dry and cool – perfect Vancouver running weather. Part of the proceeds from this race go towards the Ronald McDonald House (which is a national not-for-profit organization that provides homes near medical facilities for seriously ill children & their families), so I was not surprised to see Ronald McDonald the clown on the race morning. He went around smiling at all the runners and being silly with all the runners.

My anxiety that morning was whether I could get through the potty line. Why are women’s lines always super long but guys’ washrooms always have no wait?! As I was beginning to line up, I met 2 runners from my former running-clinic. One was running the full, and another was running the 10k. There were a good number of veteran Marathon Maniacs doing the full that day. I recognized a few familiar faces.

For all the distances, we lined up at the start together, but each distance was separated by 5 minutes, which was perfect because this way runners were spaced apart. But one 5k runner must’ve taken off with the full marathoners who started first, so she ended coming in with a clock time of 11 minutes (that would be a major world record). She’s not the only one who’s made this mistake before, but I’m sure she was nervous. Sometimes we are so eager to dash out as soon as the count-down begins that neglect to pay attention to the race director’s instructions!

Along the course, the surface was pretty gravel-packed. For my first 2k, I had a hard time adjusting my footing. I didn’t seem to be moving forward. But based on my running experience, I knew I had to stay calm. Things fall into place eventually. Sure enough, once we got off the gravel dirt trail and onto the road, I was able to slowly pick up my pace. And thanks to the cheering student volunteers, it definitely got me going. There are days where we need as much help as possible.

There were marathon relay teams as well. When I passed the first stop, I wished I was with one of the teams. My legs were tired. But I just focused on the runners ahead of me. A few runners who were ahead of me were slowing down so I was reeling them in; it is always a nice feeling to be passing runners instead of being passed. There was a strong head-wind near the end, which made the finish tough. Even with 400 metres to go, it was a hard effort. When I spotted my husband at the finish line, it brought a smile to my face!

Thank goodness, another one done. The medal was cute – it almost looked like a pair of hands in gloves to symbolize Ronald McDonald house. Symbolically, if we are willing to offer our helping hands to the needy, I strongly believe the world will be a much warmer & nicer place to live. I am glad the race proceeds support a good cause.



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