Cupcake Half Marathon

You might wonder how the name comes about, as much as I was curious when I registered for this race.

The story goes that the Race Director, who was turning 45 back in 2010, wanted to create a race to celebrate her birthday and so the Cupcake Run half marathon was born.

When I arrived at the race site, which took place in Snohomish, Washington, the Race Director and her family was already there setting up. She donned an outfit which resembled a cupcake from head to toe. Very cute.

The morning was a bit on the chilly side and as were lining up, the rain was pouring quite heavily. Every runner was so eager to get going. There were about maybe 40 of us. Very small and close-knit group. Everyone seemed to know one another.

The route was along a paved trail. Along the way, we saw some live cattle and a number of horses roaming around. One runner stopped to take pictures. I should have too. But I never run with a phone or a camera. There were also these little streams along the way too. About mid-way through the race, there was a separate running group doing their long run, and a couple of speedy runners doing their morning run.

Besides encountering these runners, the remainder of the trail seemed quiet. However, there were intersections where we had to stop for cars and trailers, so we had to stay alert. We kept running until we saw a sign that said “turn around”. Upon arriving back at the start/finish, we were told the distance was measured wrong and that it was just short of 13.1 miles. So they created a loop out beyond the finish line and made us run that extra bit to complete the exact distance. That was not good. Although we all knew we were short, somehow once you pass the finish line, psychologically, it is very hard to continue.

That extra loop seemed harder than the original 12.1 miles. Every runner struggled little bit towards the end. But…guess what, as soon as we were done, there were trays after trays of mini cupcakes waiting for us!

They were all decorated differently and they were so yummy! The handmade icing decorations were very thoughtful. And we got our cupcake run medal too which was the “icing” on the cupcake J

How cute was this run. The registration fee was purely by donation and the funds from the day went to support local family charities. Sweetest thing their whole family could have done.

Thank you for all the fun, the medals and the cupcakes. I wish all my races and my runs were always this sweet!! I will be looking forward to next year’s cupcake run!



Doesn’t it look like a Starbucks drink?


Finisher’s medal


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