The Chilly Toe – MEC Half

This race was the second part of my back to back half weekend, following the Birch Bay Mega-Half that I ran on Saturday. It took place on Sunday, December 3 in Richmond BC, with the start and finish at Garry Point Park in Steveston.

The day was chilly, but not just where your toes are chilly…it was a chilly eyes, mouth and nose kind of day! Every part of my body was numb. It was so cold and windy that it was impossible to stand still. In hindsight, I don’t know why I chose to run that day, but I guess I thought it could not be that bad. Boy, was I wrong! I under-dressed for the day thinking it would warm up or that I would warm up after a few miles. But the wind blew stronger and stronger, stealing any bit of warmth that I had. One step forward equalled 5 steps backwards. I had such a hard time battling the wind. Starting in Steveston, we ran north along dyke, which borders the Georgia Strait and is situated in the western most part of Richmond. There were no buildings nor trees to provide any shelter along the dyke, so the winds hit my face head on. I tried ducking and covering my face, but that was useless.

I was fortunate to have a couple of buddies who ran with me, otherwise, I definitely would have quit. The whole experience was just horrible. Waters were splashing over the dykes, and they were choppy and rough. If there was a warm shelter along the course, I would have ran directly into it and called it quits.

On the way back, the wind felt even stronger and I had to fight so hard to keep my body upright. At this point, I just decided to walk. No way could I have run any further. I was so close to hitching a ride to the finish and receiving a DNF.

Each step was a struggle, both physically and mentally. I felt like it was a test of “stupidity”. Instead of feeling accomplished for finishing this race given the dire conditions, I felt stupid and puzzled by my own decision to run it all. And to add insult to injury, MEC races do not provide medals nor race shirts at the finish line. So for all that effort and all the struggles I endured, I received nothing but a statistic, and that was it.

This back to back double was one of my personal worsts. However, I managed to finish 28.2 miles of running in 2 days. So that, after all, made it all worth it.


View from the dyke – notice the choppy waters?


Thanks for keeping me company


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