The Re-run Half Marathon

This half marathon idea was genius. The event was put on by the Snohomish Running Company which typically hosts 8 races annually. The race was called Re-Run: so aptly named because it gave you the chance to “re-run” any of the Snohomish Running races that you had previously completed, and may have been disappointed with your initial results or wanted to improve on one of them.

I chose this because I like all their races and this race simply corresponded to the number of halfs I needed to complete to get to the Mercury level for the Half Fanatics club (which requires completing a minimum of 45 halfs within 365 days). The mercury level is the second highest ranking according to the Half Fanatics criteria, with the sun level being the highest.

The day was freezing cold but did not dampen the mood of the runners. There were a good number of half marathoners. The course was very straightforward. 4 loops around Lake Tye park in Monroe, Washington. I find loop courses monotonous, but this one I liked a lot. The time went by so fast; one loop, two loops, and then the 10km & the 5km runners joined around the third loop of the course. After finishing off the third loop, light snow began to fall. So pretty and lovely, I think I could have gone on forever! The snow felt light and fluffy as itl fell onto my face, and it just felt nice to run. A feeling I can’t explain. I was in tune with myself and in tune with nature, almost like I was in a meditative state. By the time I finished the final loop, the snowflakes were even thicker. Just so pretty that I was hoping the finish line could have been further away.

The water at the water stations was nearly half-frozen but it made it fun and memorable. Those poor volunteers, but they seemed like they were having fun too.

At the finish line, we had the choice to select whichever medal and race shirt we wanted, which were collected from the previous Snohomish races. I thought it was an environmentally friendly way to “recycle” the shirts by letting runners take whatever they wanted, and it was nice to pick up the ones we missed to complete the collection! And to my surprise, I came first in my age group, so I got to choose amongst the prizes being offered. I picked a knapsack.

I wish there were more races like this, where runners are so casual, happy, and not stressed over time nor results. I have to credit the organizers for hosting this half. I honestly loved every minute of it. Thanks to Snohomish running company for making my 44th half of 2016 such a positive experience. It was one of my best races. To all runners looking to do some great halfs, I strongly and highly recommend trying any of their races!






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