Dopey 5K 2017

Day 1 of the Walt Disneyworld Marathon Weekend/Dopey Challenge began on Thursday January 5th, starting with the Dopey 5K race. The start time was 6:00 am, which was very reasonable. But still, I had to wake up as early as 4:00 am just to get into the theme park on time.

There were a lot of young families running this 5k. I saw most often dad & daughter duos, with some dad & son and mom & son pairs as well. In my corral, there was this young boy dressed as Nemo, and everyone was so fascinated by his costume. Everyone greeted him with “Hi Nemo!” His mom was so proud!

It was a fairly warm Florida morning. Very ideal for running, except I never like running in the dark, especially with a big group of runners. So easy to bump into one another. And the route actually had a number of road bumps. If you weren’t paying full attention, the sudden halt of certain runners stopping to take selfies could create a hazard to the runners behind.

The 5 k route was so short, and there were not many attractions we passed before we made it to the finish line. But the nicest part was all the workers/ volunteers were cheering runners on so loud. I felt like a famous celebrity 🙂

Within half an hour or so, I was done. Instead of a plastic Pluto medal which I expected based on the previous year’s, it was upgraded to a metal medal. So much nicer and sturdier!

The first day was just a warm-up for me; a nice, light jog to get my legs ready for the next couple days ahead. Getting the medal made my day because of how cute it was!




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