Dopey Challenge 2017 – Day 2

Day 2 is the 10k. No problem for runners doing the Dopey Challenge! If you do the math, day 2 doesn’t even equate to 20% of the total mileage spread over the 4 days of running.

I was totally relaxed. The day before, my husband and I walked around, suntanned by the pool, and listened to some Jamaican steel drums that were playing. We prepared our dinner, watched some TV then went to bed around 10 p.m.

My alarm was set for 4:00. Once I woke up, I followed my usual morning routine, and ate a bagel for breakfast. I changed and then left shortly after. Parking was a breeze but remembering where we parked after was more of a chore because of how big the parking lots are. This year, we were smart(er) and actually remembered to mark down our row so we could easily identify our car when we left. I`ve been in situations where I`ve finished my race and am absolutely clueless as to where the car was parked. That was not fun.

On the second day it was warmer. Going through security to enter the park was very seamless and orderly. As this was the 10K, there were not as many young families compared to the 5K the day before. I saw more Dopey race participants; some were dressed in Minnie Mouse costumes, with their polka-dot knee high socks in various colours and mouse-ear headbands.

At precisely 5:50 a.m., the race organizers had everyone in their corrals. Each corral was separated by about 5 minutes. Sometimes, lining up in corrals makes me feel like I am a race-horse, ready to be released from the gates! Fireworks went off for all of the 6 corrals as we began the race. Very happy & festive.

Although it was only a 10K, the distance suddenly seemed so much longer. It was double the distance compared to the day before. Somehow, by mile 4, my brain was telling me that I still had a ” long” 2 miles to go (I take back what I said earlier about the 10K being no problem!)

The point where I knew I was heading home was passing through the Epcot “globe”. It was really quite magical when I ran past that to the finish. The whole “globe” was lit up and many runners took advantage of taking some nice selfies.

I finished in 1:02. As part of the Dopey Challenge, run Disney adds up the times from the 5K and 10K to get an aggregate time for the Dopey results. That was kind of neat, because not only was I comparing each individual race time, but multiple race times too. The stats provided an indication that certain runners ran conservatively on both days, while other ran faster than the day before or vice versa, based on their splits. Very interesting. I would say I ran pretty consistently for both days.

Runners received a finisher`s medal with Minnie Mouse on it; my second medal of the weekend. Not bad at all!

Here is the picture of me finishing the 10K. More to come on the 3rd day and the final day.


beautiful Florida sun! Perfect day for lying by the pool


Finished before sunrise


Minnie Mouse medal


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