Green Sock Half & Shamrock’n Race 2017

Quite obviously, this was a St. Patty’s Day race! Gorgeous morning but still little on the chilly side. The race, organized by Try Events, had a half marathon distance, a 7 miler, and a 5km. On this day I ran the half, but I had run the half marathon in the past as well as the 7 miler, so I was quite familiar with the course.

The half consisted of a 2-loop trail around Burnaby Lake. Sometimes I enjoy doing a loop course like this one but other times, a point to point course is better. As runners thin out by the 2nd loop, it is usually a little more difficult to stay focused.

The first time I ran this race I didn’t realize this trail even existed – although it is right beside a highway, it is so tucked away that you feel like you are in a real forest. I like this trail because it is gently rolling and very serene, with little ducks in the pond and little streams as well.

I met a few runners that day: an old friend who was running a 5k, and then a running buddy doing the 7 miler.

As I injured my foot the week before, I was being extremely cautious not to twist it again. Turns out that overall my foot felt better than I expected but I still had to be careful because it still hurt on certain angles. I know I was being a rebel to run so soon after twisting it, but the softer trail surface was actually better for my footing than road running.

When I injured my foot, I could barely walk up or down the stairs. I was limping and hopping. The first few days hurt like crazy. But I stuck to the R.I.C.E. method (rest, ice, compression & elevate) to recover. I found that applying ice on my swollen foot helped so much. I did it about 4-5 times a day. Each time for about 15 min. The swelling had gone down quite fast, which allowed me to get back to racing quite soon after.

This wasn’t my fastest race, but to even finish it after having had a twisted ankle, I was in heaven! And to top it off, the finishers area had free pancakes. Yum! What a great way to celebrate! Not to mention, the medal was cute as ever.

A lot of the 7 milers dressed up for this St. Patty’s Day race. Nothing on me was green except my compression socks – guess that counts!

I chatted with the race director at the finish. He used to put on another race called the Rubber Ducky in the fall which runs the reverse (counter-clockwise) of this Shamrock race. He was seriously thinking about adding that race back to his series calendar – I hope he does!

Thanks Try Events, I always enjoy running your races. Great fun, great course & great volunteers!





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