Hollywood Half Marathon

The location of this race needs no introduction. Lights, Camera, Action!

I must admit that not too many races can compare to the start of this race. It is exactly the location where the annual Oscars Awards Show is held every year which is at The Kodak Chinese Theatre. It has lots of history. Although I have never stepped inside the theatre, I can imagine the old Hollywood glamour, the place where so many famous actors and actresses have stepped foot inside. The Hollywood walk of fame is outside of the Kodak Theatre. I got a picture with one of my favourite actors: Ryan Reynolds – who is a fellow Canadian. I took pictures of other famous stars too.

LA to begin with is just cool, but to have a race along the Hollywood Boulevard where the road is closed off makes it even cooler.

Even at the bib pick up, there was a red carpet set up with a life-size Oscar sculpture for runners to take pictures. I obviously did not miss out on the opportunity. It was different, so LA!

On the morning of the race, we circled around to find parking and was lucky enough to find a spot close to Mel’s Diner. I do not know exactly how old the restaurant is but I am certain as with the theatre itself, many of the past clients must have been some famous Hollywood producers, script-writers, actors and actresses. What was so cool about it was that the décor maintained its 1920s feel, with jukeboxes at each single table which all were still in operation.

Back to the start, when we got there, the cops were on motorcycles and were already blocking certain roads and intersections. The morning was cool and the skies were pitch dark when the race started around 6:30am. I like races nice and early as I get the rest of the day to do other things.

The course was kind of loopy, in one way and out another, with many gentle hills. I enjoyed running into 2 of my buddies on the course. They spotted me first and were so kind to take pictures of me during the race. One of our photos were taken with the Hollywood sign behind us. Cool!

We kept passing each other numerous times along the course, until the last two miles when they finally slowed down for me (not that I sped up to them)! It was nice having people to run with during the last little bit.

Again, we took pictures together and ran to the finish line together. We got our medals and goodies and started walking back to the car when we decided to have brunch. Not just any restaurant – Mel’s Diner! I cannot stress enough how neat the whole dining experience was. The restaurant was full by the time we sat down. We were lucky to get a table. Overall it was a great day accompanied by great company.

This is one race every runner should consider doing because the concept is so unique and different. I enjoyed myself tremendously. Hopefully I will be back next year and maybe next time I will spot a celebrity at Mel’s Diner!





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