Spring Dash Run

After running the Hollywood Half (see my previous post), the next day I was in Long Beach to run a 10KM race. That Sunday was a gorgeous Southern California morning with the sunlight peeking through the tall palm trees. Absolutely breath-taking. And the ocean breeze blowing on my face made the morning irresistible for running.

The route along the ocean was incredibly scenic. There were surfers getting ready for a day of surfing. Lots of RV’s parked in the parking lots along the course. Bikers, roller-bladers. A typical SoCal beach scene.

This race offered a 25KM option and a 30KM option as well. I’m glad I chose to do the 10KM race because those running the longer distances had to be self-sufficient as there were not many water stations along the way. It turned out to be a hot morning that even the ocean-breeze did not help my body to cool down.

I was totally mesmerized by the beauty and sounds of the ocean waves. I felt so free running in that kind of environment. And I realized in those moments how lucky we runners are. We get to explore the beauty of different places through running.

The race participants were mainly a younger crowd. It seemed like everyone was perfectly suntanned (very typical Californian looking!)

For me, I treated this race more as a recuperative run from the day before. I did okay considering it was my second day racing. Normally, I don’t race much 10Ks, but since I wanted to build my mileage (for my upcoming marathon) I thought this was the easiest way to do it.

It was a great weekend. I felt accomplished for having flown so far and gotten 2 races in. So with that, I felt prepared for my May marathon which I will cover in a later post!

May I share the beautiful pictures I took along the way. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do 😉




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