Easter Fun Run at Stanley Park

What does Easter mean to many people? Besides being an important religious holiday, families like to get dressed up and head to Easter Sunday brunch. For kids, it means the appearance of the Easter Bunny and partaking in the Easter egg hunt.

I decided to sign up for a festive Easter fun run, which was actually really fun! It consisted of 3 different distances, a 1k, 5k and 10k. I chose the 10k.

Each race participant was assigned different bunny names and mine was…Freckles Haresfoot! I think the name was quite appropriate considering I do have freckles and they come out more after being in the sun! Everyone was also given bunny ears to wear.

For the 1km race, there were families running with their little kids; folks dressed as bunnies racing the 5k; and then some more serious bunnies running the 10k. Seeing the little kiddies with their bunny ears really put a smile on everyone’s faces.

The first 400m of the race was uphill. I was totally not prepared for it. I registered this race with “fun” in mind, so I was not very serious nor focused. It is funny how our mind perceives things. It was also difficult because there were lots of cyclists, families taking walks, and roller-bladers all sharing the same path along the Stanley Park seawall on an extremely busy Sunday morning. So manoeuvring around required a bit more care and attention.

I always have a love-hate relationship with the Stanley Park seawall. Love it because it has
to be one of the most scenic and gorgeous routes, but hate it because the path is very misleading. Just as you think you are at the end of the seawall, you still have a ways to go, and there are lots of turns which I personally do not particularly like while running. Maybe another reason why I hate it is because when I first started running, my husband used to bring me there for long runs and he was always so far ahead of me! Other than that, I will definitely vote Stanley Park as one of the prettiest parks in the world!

I do not recall whether they gave out medals for this race or not. But if I have to summarize this race, it was just fun, fun, fun!

I will come back for this race next year for sure. The organizers did a superb job with the planning. I had so much fun. The warm-up was fun, the race was fun and everyone was in good spirits! I think occasionally it does our body and mind good to take away the seriousness of running and just race for fun! I’ll be hoppity hop hopping to the next race 🙂


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