The Innocence of Running

Before I continue with my other race recaps, I thought it would be a nice break to talk about a different topic altogether. When I first picked up running, I was naïve and running back then was totally innocent. I remember walking into a general sports store (a SportsChek or something) and grabbing a pair […]

MEC Barrie Series Half Marathon

On Saturday June 25th, I ran my 108th half marathon, which was part of the MEC Barrie series. In reality, it was run in the town of Orillia rather than Barrie, ON. The trail we ran on was called the Oro-Medonte trail, previously a railway track until 1996, when it was converted into a running/walking/biking […]

The North Face Whistler Half Marathon

On the weekend of June 4th and June 5th, I completed another double – that is, 2 back to back halfs. This was my 4th attempt at completing a double. I like the challenge. However, I picked one of the hottest weekend to run them. My first race was the North Face Whistler Half Marathon, […]

#99 – My Last Double Digit Half

My decision to run the Whidbey Island Half Marathon this past weekend was a hasty one. I couldn’t decide; should I take a week off or should I continue my streak (of running back to back weekends). In the end, I was so glad I ran because it was a very nice course on a […]

Running Love Story

Those who have watched the movie Love Story from the 70’s would definitely remember the theme song: “Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be…the simple truth about the love she brings to me…” Anyone who ventures into the sport of running has arrived, or will at one […]

My 95th Half Marathon – Sporty Divas

There is a saying that goes “variety is the spice of life” – for sure that can be said about the different kinds of races I have done. This past weekend, I ran a half marathon with about 35 people in total, which also included the 10KM runners; and yet, I have run in even […]

The First Spring Race of 2016 – My 94th Half

Meadows and Lakes…does it sound poetic? Oh, how fortunate I am to have run my last few races around meadows and lakes! This past Sunday, the half marathon I did took place in a suburb of Vancouver called Pitt Meadows. With a name like that, I can’t help but think about the beauty of spring. However, […]

Lake Sammamish Half

Exactly a year ago, I ran my 60th half marathon. A year later, at the same place, running the same race, I completed my 92nd half. When I think about it, sometimes I am in disbelief. Me…Really? If you asked me 15 years ago when I ran my first half marathon, I couldn’t have even […]

My 90th Half Marathon

This morning I ran the Fort Langley Historic Half Marathon. It was special not only because Fort Langley is very rich in history, but also because I just completed my 90th half marathon which is historic in my own books! Fort Langley is approximately 45 minutes from Vancouver and is home to the Fort Langley […]

Tukwila to Alki Half Marathon

What does a “weekend running warrior” do on their weekends? They run! 😉 This past weekend I ran a race with a rather rare name, called the Tukwila to Alki Half Marathon. I googled the meaning of “Tukwila” and learned that it is the Chinook Jargon word for “nut” or “hazelnut”, referring to the hazelnut […]